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IE Silent Install (+Delphi source)

2001-12-22, Version 1.2.2

** Utility for pre-Windows XP OS **
Windows update is a small setup utility you can use with your install disks. It installs Internet Explorer silently. By installing silently (which simply means configuration is fixed) you are not required to report distribution statistics to MS. Add several language versions of IE5.x/HH1.x to the install CD and setup will detect and install the correct language version for your user. Comes with Delphi source and documentation.
Free Code. Free Documentation. 
V1.0 2001-9-03: Original upload.
V1.1 2001-9-16: Added Russian UI translation. No version # change. Thanks Ivan. Lapenkov
V1.2 2001-12-22: Now supports IE6 and beyond.
The Installer and Code actually accompany a technical paper I wrote while under contact to Work Write Inc. Cheri has graciously made the document free to download from her Help Think Press web site. Technical Paper: Deploying HTML Help, by Robert Chandler.
The Helpware Group


Last update: 14-Aug-2003, Version 0.5

This third party utility by Hans Landsheer helps you to manage your Context IDs (MAP and ALIAS sections) defined in a .HHP project file. Something that HH Workshop and FAR do not cover.
From Hans Landsheer:
I have written a small utility, which helps to create and maintain the MAP and ALIAS sections sections. Basically, it reads all file names, and creates for each filename an Alias and defines a number for the Map section. While doing this, it maintains existing aliases and numbers. Furthermore, you can write the defines for use in C or Pascal.

Frank's API Doc Examples

Download Doc Example

This API Example Documentation package is for use by those who may need to organize API Method data (or other tabular data) and don’t know where or how to start.

Two examples are given:

  1. A single Method table presented in one web page.
  2. Two Method tables presented in one web page.

See the read_me.txt (part of the download) for instructions.

Free offering to the community by documentation guru Frank M. Palinkas
Frank M. Palinkas. (Thanks Frank for providing a useful package for those writing API documentation).

StayOnTop Manager


Toggle the StayOnTop Window property of a running HTML Help window.

Run this little application and an icon appears in the Windows tray. If you have HH windows running then right-click the tray icon to toggle a hh window's stay on top property.
Note that this works with help windows that are on top of all other applications, not windows that are simply a child to a parent application (such as HH Workshop help).

Free offering to the help community. Free to distribute.
David Liske (Help Technology Center) and Rob Chandler (

Borland Delphi

Delphi 6,7.. 2006,2009,2001.. OnHelp Fix
The Delphi HH Kit / The C++ Builder HH Kit

MJ's Help Diagnostics

MJ's Help Diagnostics for HTML Help

MJ's Diagnostics is a small utility that reports if all the HTML Help runtime DLLs are installed and registered correctly. If a DLL is not registered then it will ask if you want to register it. It also checks the RoboHelp DLL (HHActiveX.dll) and MS Help 2 DLLs.
V1.0 2001-06-06: Original upload.
V2.0 2002-01-20: Reports in HTML format. Now also checks HH Workshop and MS Help 2.x. Also reports NT Admin privileges.
V2.1 2002-08-08: improved method of finding the Workshop folder.
V2.2 2005-02-07: Added Refresh Registration checkbox to force re-registration of HH DLLs by choice. Now does unreg before any registration to fix a bad install by MS. Now reports HH registry settings the affects the way HTML Help works.
V2.3 2005-04-23: More reporting about special registry settings. ie MS Security patch settings.
V2.4 2006-05-15: Updated. More diagnostics. Added HH Diags Home Page to web site.
V2.5 2006-06-11: Minor update. When reading registry items it now checks the data type (fixes access violation on users machine).
V2.6 2006-08-26: Minor update. Fix resize problems and detect HH compiler files even when VS has only installed HHA.dll and itcc.dll but not full Workshop UI (hhw.exe).
V2.7 2006-12-29: Elevated the executable for Vista.
V2.7.2 2007-09-08: Update documentation -- UrlAllowList= bug has been fixed by MS.
Known Problems:
- Registration of DLLs fails under Vista (try using Windows system utility regsvr32.exe). 
- 64bit windows is not supported yet.
The Helpware Group


2004-05-15, Version 1.0.0

Microsoft Installer repair program. When an MSI based setup program no longer allows you to install/repair/uninstall it's usually time to reformat the disk. This utility provides a second choice. It helps you to remove an applications MSI registry settings and so unblock the installer.
V1.0.0 2004-05-15: Original upload.
The Helpware Group