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H2Reg Description

A utility for registering MS Help 2.x (.HxS) files. MS Help 2.x is the help system used by Visual Studio 7.x/8/9 (VS 2002/2003/2005/2008). Microsoft's MSI Registration is a pain, but we have created a dead easy solution that does not involve MSI (Microsoft Installer). Install your help files as you world normally, then run h2reg.exe -r to register help. Call h2reg.exe -u to unregister help. 

MS Help 2.x Collections are made up of: Namespaces, Titles, Plug-ins, and Filters.
Here's how we register a collection using H2Reg.exe:
  1. Create a H2Reg.INI Command Script file (contains registration commands). 
  2. Install H2Reg.exe, H2Reg.ini and a command script file, with your .Hx? files.
  3. Configure your installer to run "H2Reg.exe -r" during installation, which registers your H2 documentation.
  4. Configure your installer to run "H2Reg.exe -u" during uninstallation, which unregisters the H2 documentation.
That's it! All you need is a flexible installer program that allows you to include the command "H2Reg.exe -r" (register) at the end of the install section and "H2Reg.exe -u" (unregister) at the start of its Uninstall. 
Special thanks to MS Help team, and also Mr Michael Waltuch from ESRI