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mshcMigrate is a VS 2010 help integrators new best friend. It migrates older help formats to VS 2010 Help. Assists you in testing and debugging your VS 2010 help and more.

Developed by The Helpware Group in partnership with Microsoft. mshcMigrate allows you to migrate older help content (MS Help 2 and MS HTML Help 1.x) to MS Help Viewer format (the new format for MS Visual Studio 2010 help). It takes various inputs including projects files (.hxc and .hhp), compiled help files (.hxs and .chm), and help folders.

Outputs include .mshc/.cab help package files and .msha manifest files. The application includes several additional tools that allows you to test, install/uninstall, view the HelpLibManager.exe output log, perform API calls, and explore the help library data store.


Migrate features include:
  • Outputs to both .mshc and .cab help file formats.
  • Includes a .mshi Index file into the .cab if available.
  • Generates a .msha manifest file for installing.
  • Batch mode for unattended operation.
  • Rezip (Update) any folder to a .mshc help file.
What does migrate do?
  • Converts Index and TOC files to topic meta tags.
  • Converts embedded topic tags to topic meta tags.
  • Converts topic HTML source to the required XHTML format.
  • Converts link paths to topics, images, CSS & JS files.
  • Implements required MS Help Viewer 1.0 work-a-rounds.
  • Allows you to use Visual Studio 2010 branding or use your own JS and CSS via the SelfBranded meta tag.
Additional features include:
  • Manifest page: Create a .msha manifest file using one or multiple help files.
  • Help Library Manager page: Run the HLM application. Shows the various command line options. View the HLM event log.
  • Help Library Agent page: Test the various MS Help Viewer API calls. Test your help. A powerful aid for both authors and programmers.
  • Help Library Store page: This page rips through the meta data in the Help library data store and displays the content and location of all help packages installed on your PC. You can also view the source and decompile help files.

System requirements

  • Windows XP or greater. 
  • .HxS decompile requires MS Help 2 (ie. VS 2002/2003/2005/2008 installed).
  • .NET Framework 2.0

Screen Shots

Entering the help file, project file or folder name and hit Migrate. The result is a .mshc help file.
The Update page allows you to simply check and refresh files to a .mshc/.cab help file.

Migrate Options


Build the required .msha Manifest file (required at installation time)


Use the Help Manager Page to Install and Uninstall your new help.


Use the Help Library Agent page to test Help API calls.


Explore the Help Library data store & Decompile help.


Quick access to the Help Manager and Agent log files