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Help authoring & HTML tools - Product page.
Unicode version for Windows 2000...Windows 8. 
Release Notes  07 Mar 2015  3.7 MB  Download  07 Mar 2015  3.7 MB  Download  Visual Studio Gallery  07 Mar 2015  3.7 MB  Download (German)  07 Mar 2015  3.7 MB  Download (Japanese)


Help authoring & HTML tools - Product page.
ANSI version for Windows 95+ (product no longer supported). 
Release Notes  27 Apr 2008  2.7 MB  Download  27 Apr 2008  2.7 MB  Download (German)
Trial & Licensing

FAR / mshcMigrate
These products require a license key to work beyond the trial period. Otherwise there is no difference between trial & full version.

H2Reg does not require a license key. Please purchase a license before using with production software

Other Tools

These products do not require license keys (freeware). Please ask before distributing.


Makes installing MS Help 2 .HxS help collections easier - Product page.
Contains both H2Reg.exe & H2Reg.DLL. Unicode version 2.0.1. Release Notes
 2.0.1  20 Nov 2009  1.6 KB  Download
 2.0.1  20 Nov 2009  1.6 KB  Download  Visual Studio Gallery


Migrate HTML Help (.chm) & MS Help 2 (.HxS) to Help Viewer - Product page.
For Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 /etc. Release Notes
 See website  Website
 See website  Website  Visual Studio Gallery

Free Tools

See Product page for more detail. Replacement help viewer for VS 2010 help. 
See Product pageAlternate help viewer for VS 2002/2003/2005/2008 help. 
Requires VS 2002/2003/2005/2008 help installed.  20 Nov 2009  1.6 KB  Download  20 Nov 2009  1.6 KB  Download  Visual Studio Gallery

MJ's Diagnostics

See Product pageA free tool to diagnose and fix HTML Help problems.  
Version 3.x now supports Windows 64 bit. Finds unregistered DLLs and DLLs installed & registered to wrong locations.  

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