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"FAR is fantastic and simple to use.  It changes html pages into to chm files." -- Ralph Thomas.

"This is without doubt the most powerful, yet simple to use HTMLHelp creation tool we've ever used. We created our first test CHM with dynamic linking within 10 minutes of installation. All our product documentation will now be created with FARHTML going forward" -- Ryan Healey, 
"I'M LOVING FAR! As a freelance tech writer, I work on a lot of online help projects, and FAR is "by far" the best HAT utility I've ever found. The Help generators are fast, don't mess up my HTML code (unlike other HAT's), and afford me a lot of control over how the finished Help files will work and look. FAR is a great addition to my professional "toolbox" and I look forward to using it for future projects." -- Tanja Rosteck, Words4Nerds

"FAR RULES! FAR saved many days (probably weeks) of hard grunt work. FAR's ability to compile and then edit TOC and INDEX files, as well as its abilities to "Find and Replace" text on mass, as I see it, are unrivalled! In addition, FAR's developers have been extremely helpful whenever I had questions regarding the program." -- Ian Patton, HyperScribe Inc.

"FAR (Find And Replace) is an excellent tool for globally finding and replacing data within web pages." -- Rhonda Bracey, CyberText 

"Your FAR is a great source for me. I do all my projects with FAR. I also use it for automatically generating the file list." -- Josef Becker,

"I suddenly had to convert my CHM Help system back to a regular HTML help-type file system. Using your utility it took all of about 2 minutes to correctly remove all HTML Help code. I'd estimated about 5 hours for doing the job manually!!" -- David Altmann, Future Strategy

"Creating Hebrew help files proved the most difficult. Much to our frustration, the results we obtained from flagships of the trade we tried left a lot to be desired... Until FAR. The TOC works and appears right to left as should be, the index works, Search locates whichever strings we require and all the links function as first designed. Will take you a long way, FAR" -- Ruth Levin, Roshtov Software Ind.
FAR HTML is a collection of help authoring and file utilities. If you need to quickly manipulate HTML, XML, ASCII text files, or author help projects (HTML Help 1.x, MS Help 2.x, MS Help Viewer 1.x, Help Viewer 2.x and Uncompressed Web Help) then FAR will save you lots of time and money. You can safely use FAR HTML and MS Workshop/SDK side by side. FAR also works in batch (unattended) mode. Download the full 30 trial version of FAR HTML today.

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