A utility for registering MS Help 2.x (.HxS) files. MS Help 2.x is the help system used by Visual Studio 7.x/8/9 (VS 2002/2003/2005/2008). Microsoft's MSI Registration is a pain, but we have created a dead easy solution that does not involve MSI (Microsoft Installer). Install your help files as you world normally, then run h2reg.exe -r to register help. Call h2reg.exe -u to unregister help.

About H2Reg Install

By default H2Reg is installed under the folder c:\program files\Helpware\H2Reg\.

H2Reg install actually uses H2Reg.exe to plug its documentation into any VS help collection it can find on your PC. So this is a good working demonstration of how the H2Reg registration system works. You will also find a .CHM version of H2Reg help in this folder.

To add H2Reg registration to your own project simply copy the installed H2Reg.exe, H2Reg.ini and H2Reg_cmd.ini to the folder containing your help file(s) and modify H2Reg_cmd.ini so that your help files are registered (see h2reg script example).


FAR HTML (v4 and greater) can simplify Help 2 development:

  1. Create H2Reg registration script from an existing collection. Makes script creation easy.

  2. Execute registration script same as H2Reg.exe does. Simplifies testing and restoring a collection.

  3. The MS Help 2 Collection Wizards can create the required .Hx? collection level files as well as the H2Reg script.

To generate a H2Reg script file from an existing H2 collection:

  1. Run FAR HTML and open the H2 Utilities window.

  2. From the list of collections, select the namespace(s) you want to export.

  3. Right-click the namespace(s) and select "H2Reg Export" from the popup menu.

  4. Open the script file using Notepad and check and fine tune the registration settings.

Licensing & EULA

H2Reg EULA (End User License Agreement)

H2Reg is Copyright (c) 2002, Rob Chandler, The Helpware Group. Please do not redistribute H2Reg without our permission.

  • H2Reg download is a full working version. It will never expire.

  • H2Reg is Free for personal use & for customer Troubleshooting & Diagnostics.

  • H2Reg must be purchased if included as a part of an installation solution that you will pass on to others. Updates are free forever.

  • H2Reg must not be used for any other purpose than to extend Installation solutions that require help registration.
    IE. You cannot use H2Reg to create and sell your own registration solution.