mshcMigrate migrates older help content (MS Help 2 and MS HTML Help 1.x) to MS Help Viewer format (the new help format for MS Visual Studio 10 and VS 11 help). It takes various inputs including projects files (.hxc and .hhp), compiled help files (.hxs and .chm), and help folders. It outputs .mshc (help); .cab (ready for signed help); .msha (help manifest).

The application includes several additional tools that allows you to test, install/uninstall, view the HelpLibManager.exe merge output log, perform API calls, and explore the help library data store.

Batch Mode

mshcMigrate can be operated in Batch mode. We recommend you maintain your help in say MS Help 2 format (VS 2002/2003/2005/2008 help format), and set up mshcMigrate to generate Help Viewer .mshcMigrate in your overnight build.

MshcMigrate Web site

Press F1 in mshcMigrate.exe and you will end up at

This site contains the help and information for mshcMigrate.