H2Reg -
Release Notes

H2Reg - Release Notes

Change notes for product H2Reg.

  • 2002-04-21: V1.0.0 -- First release.

  • 2002-04-25: V1.0.1 -- Fix Filter bug.
    - Fix bug where new filter was added as Name,Name instead of Name,QueryStr.
    - Fix documentation typos.

  • 2002-04-27: V1.0.2 -- Unregister before registering.
    - Before registering a Namespace, we now remove any existing Namespace of that name. Much safer to start with a clean slate.
    - Fix some internal logging text.

  • 2002-05-17: V1.0.3 -- Fix for MS Unplug bug
    - Bug: A child namespace cannot be removed (unplugged) from a parent namespace unless the child namespace and its associated HxC collection file actually exists. To get around this mainly cosmetic bug, we temporarily register a dummy HxC under the Child Namespace name, Unplug, then remove the dummy collection.

  • 2002-05-19: V1.0.4 -- Append Option. Don't Unregister before Register option.
    - New: Added "-a" append to log switch for H2Reg.exe. Overrides the default behavior of deleting the Log file when H2Reg.exe is executed.
    - New: In the [Reg_Namespace] script section, you can now add a "+" before the nsName parameter. This inhibits the default behavior of first unregistering the namespace (if the namespace already existed), before registering.

  • 2002-05-20: V1.0.5 -- Now contains VS .NET Dynamic help demo.

  • 2002-05-30: V1.0.6 -- We received some reports that our NT Admin Logon check was failing in some situations. The code now uses the same simple check that the INNO installer uses. We also added -N switch so you can disable the Admin check completely, since according to MS you can register in non-admin mode, but if you do this your collection can only be viewed by that user logon session.

  • 2002-06-04: V1.1.0 -- After registration or unregistration of components you will notice a very long delay as your help viewer opens the collection for the first time. Help is merging all the Index and TOC files. H2reg now has a -M switch which allows you to force a merge at setup time. See online help for more information.

  • 2002-06-04: V1.1.1 -- Sorry 1.1.0 did not actually contain the updated H2Reg exe <blush/>.

  • 2002-06-05: V1.1.2 -- -M Merge command now done on separate thread.

  • 2002-06-12: V1.1.3 -- Promoted 1.1.2 from beta. Added a Collection level file that was not being shipped correctly.

  • 2002-11-26: V1.2.1 --
    . Fix: validation of [Reg_Title] media location folders.
    . New: Allow trailing wild char on parent namespace of Reg_Plugin, UnReg_Plugin, and namespace of UnReg_Namespace. Example: Can now specify parent namespace = MS.VSCC+ to plug MyCol into both MS.VSCC and MS.VSCC.2003 if found.
    . Fix path expansion. Was not always expanding complex relative paths correctly. EG. paths like "..\..\path\file.HxS" now expanded correctly.

  • 2003-3-18: V1.2.1b -- very minor update of HxS help file only. I removed the compiled .HxA from the .HxS help file. This is following best practices as recommended by MS.

  • 2003-4-19: V1.2.2 -- Fix: Changing H2reg.INI file string Msg_Merging_Namespaces had no effect. Now changes UI prompt correctly.

  • 2003-5-4: V1.3.4 -- Fix merge -m command with [Unreg_Plugin] - Was trying to merge Namespace MS.VSCC+ instead of MS.VSCC or/and MS.VSCC.2003 etc.

  • 2003-5-17: V1.3.4 -- Promote Beta 1.3.4 to full version.

  • 2003-9-17: V1.3.5 -- Fix: Now expand command script file name correctly. Relative paths on the command line are now expanded correctly. EG. "CmdFile=<exedir>\\help_cmd.ini" and "CmdFile=help_cmd.ini" are valid on the command line. This may or may not have been a problem.

  • 2003-9-25: V1.3.6 - Fix: No longer strip quotes from around FilterQuery param. LinkGroup XML file now also installed to VS .NET 7.1 folder (both German and English).

  • 2005-1-24: V1.4.0 - Changes to -M Merge command: You can now specify exactly what namespaces to merge by specifying a [Merge_Namespace] section which lists the namespaces to be merged. In this section you also mark a namespace as AUTO which means merge the namespace only if it requires merging. Lastly the -M command can now be used alone, without the -R and -U switches.

  • 2005-7-20: V1.4.3 - H2Reg documentation now plugs into MS.VSCC or MS.VSCC.2003 and MS.VSIPCC.v80 (for VS v8.0 following new recommendations from MS).

  • 2005-12-02: V1.4.4 - Documentation update only. Under VS 8.0 only the H2Reg Introduction help page would appear in the TOC, even with VS Filter set off. This was because only the H2Reg Introduction page had a full list of XML data Island of required attributes. VS 8 appears to be more fussy about topic attributes.

  • 2006-09-30: V1.5.0 - H2Reg is now Vista ready. H2Reg.exe now has a manifest file embedded in it to elevate its execution level to "Run as administrator". This is recommended by Microsoft and allows h2reg to run correctly under Vista's User login + UAC mode.

  • 2006-10-21: V1.5.0b - Promoted 1.5.0 to Beta. The installation package has been upgraded to use INNO version 5.1 which has execution elevation for correct installation under Vista UAC mode.

  • 2007-01-06: V1.6.0 - Fix minor problem. Language INI file variable "Msg_Merging=" was being ignored.

  • 2007-01-06: V1.7.0 - H2Reg can now read Unicode encoded files. Previous you were restricted to ANSI script files only. This functionality adds 6K to the h2reg.exe file size.

  • 2009-05-22: V2.0.1 - H2Reg and DLL are now fully Unicode compatible. The combination of Unicode library and new compiler has increased EXE size from 180K to 336KB.

  • 2009-11-20: V2.0.1 - Promote V2 EXE and DLL to full release.